1000W 48V BLDC Brushless Speed Controller w Rev f BM Unite Electric Motor GoKart

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our Unite BLDC & BM Boma Brushless 1000 Watt 48 Volt DC MOTOR

Controller Features and Specifications:
  • 48 Volts, 1000 Watt. 40 amps
  • Low Voltage battery protection 39 volt (Controller will turn off)
  • Connecting instructions, see below & see attached connecting diagram

  • Instructions:
    • Cable color                        Function / Connects to:
    • Red / Black                       Battery Positive / Negative (Input)
    • Yellow / Green / Blue            Motor (same color cables, Power) (Output)
    • Back/Red/Yellow/Blue/Green     Motor (5 cables, hall effect, same colors) (Output)
    • Thin Red/Black auxiliary cable   Charger Positive / Negative (Input)
    • White/ Black/Blue                
      3 speed switch (Input)
    • Red / Orange Aux Cable         
      Power lock switch Pos / Neg (input)
    • Black / Blue                      Brake switch. Brake switch will cut power to the motor (Input)
    • Black / Yellow                    Reverse switch. Switch will reverse direction of rotation. (Input)
    • Red / Orange Aux Cable         Pos / Neg , 

      Voltage indicator (Output)
    • Green                             Speed signal (Output)
    • Red (+5V) /Black/Green (-5V)   Throttle (hall effect throttle), match Red & Black cables. Black is Neutral. (Input)
    • Blue                               High Brake (if you know how to use this function, please let me know!)  (Input)
    • White/Black                      Cruise. Connect a momentary switch for cruise control (Input)
    • White/White                     Limit speed, connect or disconnect to get low or high speed  (input)

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Warranty: 12 months from purchase date. We will only replace motors that do not work out of the box.  We test all motors before shipping. We will not replace burnt out motors.