24V 150W ZY6812 Electric Motor w Sprocket, Speed Controller & Twist Throttle DIY

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Brand new
150W 24V replacement motor
24V Speed Controller
Twist Throttle

This is a model ZY6812 motor manufactured by Unite Motor Co.
Unite P/N: 150-GM150115
Note: This motor is capable of rotation in either the clockwise or counterclockwise direction by reversing the motor's power wires.

- Razor, eSpark and other scooters with 150W motor and chain sprocket. 


Sprocket: #25 Chain 11 Tooth Removable Bolt Sprocket
Voltage: 24 Volts DC or 12 Volts DC
Output: 150 Watts
Case Length: 3-15/16" (100 mm)
Case Diameter: 2-11/16" (68 mm)
Drive Shaft Length: 1-1/8" (28 mm)
Drive Shaft Diameter: 5/16" (8 mm)
Mounting Hole Distance: 1-9/16" (40 mm)
No Loading speed: 3500 rpm
Loading speed: 2400 - 2700 rpm
Max. Current: 8.9 amps


Speed controller for DC Motor, up to 250W, 24 Volts

Dimension: aprox 2.75" x 2" x 1.5"
Weight: 8 OZ
Brand: Yiyun

Model: LB27 

This speed controller features connection terminals for: 
- Battery
- Motor
- Charger
- Lock / on-off switch
- Brake (will shut off motor)
- Battery charge indicator
- Tail lamp

- Throttle

Electric Twist Throttle 3Wire 24/36/48v
INCLUDED: 1 Throttle, 1 extra grip



- This throttle is compatible with the above controller

Compatible with 24v/36v/48v E-scooters (using 3 wires on the speed controller).

Fits standard 7/8 inches(22.2mm)  handle bars

Cable length is approximately 40 inches

- Includes 2 parts: Twist throttle and 1 extra grip

Wiring instructions:





connects to


Voltage 4.3 to 5.0 Volts


connects to

Black or Yellow



connects to

Green, Blue or White

Speed Adjusting Signal (0 to 5 Volts)


If you plan to use this motor as a replacement in your scooter or electric vehicle, please make sure it will fit your application and the voltage is compatible. Can be used in any system 24V up to 150W. 
Please check connector type and motor size and specs. before buying as replacement.

Please ask us if you need to know any specific dimensions for this motor so you can be sure it will work for you.

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Warranty: 12 months from purchase date. We will only replace manufacturers defects.  We test all motors before shipping. We will not replace burnt out motors.