450 W 36V DC electric motor+Speed Controller f scooter go-kart skateboard ZY7618

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motor model ZY7618
compact size 450 Watt - 36 Volt
500W 36V Speed Controller

Brand new replacement motor for electric scooter, may also work for mini bike, go kart, skateboard or any DIY experiment

- 36V DC
- Max 450 Watt
- Type of motor: DC, Brush
- no-loading speed: 3500 rpm
- Rated speed: 3200 rpm

- Rated current: 16.0 amps

- #25 chain sprocket 11 Teeth
- Distance between mounting holes: 1.71"
- Radius from center to mounting holes: 0.984"
- Length with no shaft: 4 7/8"
- Length with shaft: 5 7/8"

If you plan to use this motor as a replacement in your scooter or electric vehicle, please make sure it will fit your application and the voltage is compatible. Can be used in any system up to 36V 450W. 
Please check connector type and motor size and specs. before buying as replacement.

Please ask us if you need to know any specific dimensions for this motor so you can be sure it will work for you.

Most orders ship same day from our warehouse 

Warranty: 1 year from purchase date. 


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