60 Volt 1500 Watt Electric GoKart Brushless Motor Gear 585-600 RPM w Controller

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New BLDC 60 VOLT 1500 WATT Brushless Motor with 5:1 Gear Reduction
Controller compatible with Motor 

  • For eATV, Quad,  Go-Kart, Trike. 

  •  Permanent Magnet Motor DIY Electric Motor E-Bike Scooter Bicycle Tricycle Unite Motor


  • Brand new with 1 year warranty

  • US seller, ships from our Miami Warehouse

  • Electric Scooter Brushless Motor, Chain drive electric scooter motor, Reduction Permanent Magnet Motor.

  • With metal bracket to mount to scooter, Trike, eATV, Quad

  • 18 tooth sprockets for # 428 chain

  • DIY tricycle, E-bikes, Electric scooters. Compatible with many other electric scooter makes and models. Big size tricycle, Go-Kart, E-scooter and all other similar brushless




Rated Output Power





Rated Voltage

48 DC

60 DC

72V DC

72V DC

Rated speed




2925 RPM

No load speed




4800 RPM

Full load Current




≤ 38.0A

No load Current




≤ 6.0A

Rated Torque


5.2 N.m

6.0 N.m

 7.2 N.m






Gear ratio



 Medium and Heavy Load E-Tricycle

  • Dimensions: Pending  (see photos for more dimensions)

Controller Features and Specifications:
  • 60 Volts, 1500 Watt. 25 amps
  • Low Voltage battery protection 51 volt (Controller will turn off)
  • Connecting diagram , see below

  • Instructions:
    • Cable color                        Function / Connects to:
    • Double Red / Double Black       Battery Positive / Negative 
    • Double Yellow / Green / Blue    Motor (same color cables, Power) 
    • Back/Red/Yellow/Blue/Green     Motor (5 cables, hall effect, same colors) 
    • Thin Red/Black auxiliary cable   Charger Positive / Negative 
    • Grey / Black/Orange
                   3 speed switch (Input)

    • Red / Orange Aux Cable         
      Power lock switch Pos / Neg , also for voltage indicator. 

    • Black / Grey                      Brake switch, any color. Brake switch will cut power to the motor 
    • Black / Brown                     Reverse switch, any color. Switch will reverse direction of rotation. 
    • Red / Orange Aux Cable         Pos / Neg , 

      Voltage indicator (Output)

    • Green                             Speed signal 
    • Red (+5V) /Black/Green (-5V)  Throttle (hall effect throttle), match Red & Black cables. Black is Neutral. (Input)
    • Purple                            High Brake (if you know how to use this function, please let me know!)  (Input)

Package Includes

  • 1x Brushless Motor 60V 1500W

  • 1x Controller 1500W, compatible with Motor.

Please check connector type and motor size and specs before buying as replacement.

Please ask us if you need to know any specific dimensions for this motor so you can be sure it will work for you.

Most orders ship same day from our warehouse 

Warranty: 6 months. We will not replace burnt out motors.

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