Electric Throttle with Reverse and Cruise Control Switches for GoKart eATV DIY

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Throttle with Reverse Switch and Cruise Control Switch
compatible with some of the Brushed and Brushless Speed Controllers that we sell

Brand new with warranty.

This Throttle needs a speed controller box in order to function. The speed controller box must have inputs for reverse and cruise control.


red = positive (+) 5V 
black = GND (-)
white = (speed) signal

F-R switch is a (NO-normally off) rocker type switch 
yellow = (F) forward gear
(when switch is in the (F) position the switch is off (not making contact) 
brown = (R) reverse gear
(when switch is in the (R) position the switch is on (making contact)

Cruise control is a (NO-normally off (momentarily) on) push button type switch)
green = cruise control - off 
(when not pressed the switch is in the off position (not making contact)
gray = cruise control - on
(when pressed (actuated) the switch is on (making contact)

* Alternate uses  
The F-R switch could instead be used as an On/Off switch (to control the speed controller on vehicles without a reverse function) When in the (F) position the speed controller would be off & when (switched) to the (R) position the speed controller would be On. (energized) 
…& the Cruise control button could be used for a horn.  

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