Motor w CONTROLLER 650 W 36V Gear Reduction 6:1 electric f eATV GoKart Trike DIY

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ZY1020ZXF motor for electric ATV, QUAD, TRIKE, GO-KART or DIY.  

800W 36V Controller. Only forward function.

- 36 Volt DC 650 Watt
- Permanent Magnet DC Brush Motor
- Reversible by changing polarity
- Direct Drive (No Free Spooling)
- Suitable for Forward and Reverse Operations
- Base Mount Model
- Chain drive 11 teeth sprocket #420 chain 1/2" (0.5in) pitch (12.7mm) (this sprocket is thicker/stronger than std. bicycle chain) (this sprocket is thicker/stronger than std. bicycle chain)
- Not Compatible with standard bicycle chain

ZY1020ZXF Gear Motor,  6:1 reduction ratio - Performance data

At Rated Load
No Load At Rated Load
CURRENT Amp  SPEED  rpm TORQUE N.m Torque ft.lbf SPEED rpm POWER Watt Power HP CURRENT Amp
SPEED rpm TORQUE N.m Torque ft.lbf SPEED rpm
500W 24V 2.5 3300 1.59 1.2 3000 500 0.67 26.7
550 9.5 7.1 500
650W 36V 2.2 3750 1.94 1.4 3300 650 0.87 24.7
625 11.6 8.6 550
800W 36V 2.5 3750 2.39 1.8 3200 800 1.07 30.4
625 14.3 10.6 533
1000W 48V 2 3600 3.18 2.4 3000 1000 1.34 26.7
600 19.1 14.1 500

   See dimensions in pictures.

Note: This motor is capable of rotation in either the clockwise or counterclockwise direction by reversing the motor's power wires.

Note: the controller is a regular forward only controller. If you need a controller with reverse function please check our store or ask is, we can offer a controller that has the reverse function.

This motor is recommended for heavy personal vehicles such as ATVs, Go-Karts, Trikes, Quads, DIY applications.
Specially good for DIY enthusiasts as it generates high toque and is compatible with #420 chains.  

Please check connector type and motor size and specs. before buying as replacement.

Please ask us if you need to know any specific dimensions for this motor so you can be sure it will work for you.

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Warranty: 1 year from purchase date.